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Why We Protest (A Letter From Iran)

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Dissidents. That’s what you want to call them. People who actively challenge an established doctrine, policy, or institution.

Iran is a country where there is no clear black or white, good or evil. Like the chadors, hejabs and jilbabs worn by women, you see one thing, but beneath the veil can be the unexpected.

On the surface, everyone conforms. Under the skin, where the blood flows, the flesh stings and the bone breaks is where you find the heart of Iran.

I’ve been receiving many letters from friends in Iran. Most of which I cannot publish either due to their personal nature or because I like my friends’ heads attached to their necks.

This is a rare letter. One from an Iranian who has discovered the bottomless pits of anger and the swelling of rage. The words are not mine — I’ve cleared up the spelling and punctuation but, otherwise, have left it as is.

Why we protest? Because we see and witnessed that they abused our votes. We witnessed that Stupid Ahmadinejad disrespected us and called us some vandals and some thornytwigs.

Who we are? We are among people who made the votes number from 19 million to 40 million votes.

Now I am sure that this government in Animals government.
They killed university students and beat children and people in streets.
We are not against peace. We are not against Islam. We are against lies. We are against abusing our being.
We are against lies, we are against killer police.
We are against the way police are beating calm people.
I am sure this government is based on lies and this leader is a pig. Is shit.
I am mad and sad.
Fuck Ahmadinejad.
Fuck their security police. Fuck their lie they call law.
I saw these brainwashed Muslims broke my mate’s camera when he filmed them while breaking public environment to say we broke.
Spread the reality.
Ahmadinejad blocked all websites and satellite, blocked mobile access and control every phone call ….
We have nothing too lose when we see they are abusing my being.
This video was filmed on 16 June 2009. It’s an exclusive, if you’re into that sort of thing. I won’t say who filmed it or edited it, but if you like it, let me know and I’ll pass it on.
[videopress oeb5BPx2]


  • Amazing video. Thank you for sharing. And to the protesters from America: Power to the people of Tehran! You are all very brave. Follow your heart!

  • Blessings to the people of Iran during these days of fear and uncertainty.

    My heart and soul is with you. The people of Iran will prevail… the enemies of peaceful action and justice will not endure.

    In Peace,

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