Tuesday, July 21st, 2009...11:03

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Police Shoot Protesters in Tehran

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Received this video this morning. Not sure about dates, exact locations, times.

A rough translation:

“it is plastic bullet…he has shot three air shots…they give him
info who to shoot…yes..like Palestine…he is shooting to air…oh
bastard, bastard….Mohammad get away (from the window) they are
shooting…(when the soldiers flee) good for you, good for
you…(woman’s voice) bastards, someone help him, bastard…
(people) ya hussein.
(woman) get away, get away (from the balcony)”

[videopress czILHrYe]


  • As you can all see, the Security Forces are unarmed as Leader & Governemnet tell us all the time. I wonder how they could smuggle in so many MKO with Police Uniforms & arms… and funny that the real security forces have never arrested them. Down with Khamenei & the rest of Iran’s Taliban!

  • Re Translation:

    You hear a male voice saying: Mammad get them all on video. Look at these bastards, they are getting ready to shoot at people. I’m telling you they will shoot. Then man in black suit shoots & Basiji follows:. Man says: Look at these bastards, honourless thugs… they are shooting at innocent people. They are killing them. A female voice pleads with the boys to move inside before they get shot. She then curses “these killers… honourless… bastards… look they shot him… no, they’re shooting again…!”

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