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Cut and Fade Out: Juxtapoz Feature on Miss Bugs

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My latest piece for Juxtapoz Magazine is a feature on London’s Miss Bugs.

It’s strange because although I really like them as people, I know they’re capable of better work than what’s being produced. I wish they’d shake the fear of being labeled political and actually embrace that element in their work – collage and montage offer a unique opportunity to sharpen an edge. As it stands, they’re aesthetically competent but lacking in venom. Something tells me their heart really isn’t into the street work but that they know they’re onto a good thing because it has proved commercially popular.

I also know the Miss Bugs isn’t exclusively what the collaboration do. One of them in particular likes to keep that work separate from the street scene. Work which draws from the ephemeral and landscape. But that’s all I’m allowed to say.

Am I one of those people who don’t rate things unless there’s a political text then when they have one, slate their lack of aesthetic?

Anyway. Here’s the piece.


Photo courtesy Miss Bugs.


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