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Woo! Press….

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For those of you aware of my latest project, a documentary on Indian cotton farmer suicides, pesticides and fashion tentatively called Dirty White Gold, you’ll be aware I’ve re-edited a new taster for it.

Since I put it out at the beginning of September, there’s been a little press buzz around it as well as a new holding page for the film’s website.

You can read a selection of articles here:

Science Safari [so it appears that not only is there a Bollywood film about farmer suicides, it will be India’s official Oscars entry] [a sort of video news wire for documentaries]

Don’t Panic [one of the interviews I’ve most enjoyed doing]

Wear Organic [an interview for Pesticides Action Network, a truly excellent bunch of people who make real things happen for real people]

You can help with the crowdfunding for my film here:

If you’re a particularly talented and available web designer who can make a film’s page sing, do get in contact with me on Let’s work out your fee and crowdsource it – at present, I’m trying to get the film to a commission-able level so I can’t pay you oodles [considering I’m not even paying myself]. But we can work something out.

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