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The Russell Tribunal on Palestine

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I’ve been making a series of short films and a promo for the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.

The London session 20-22 November 2010 will focus on corporate complicity in Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

Some very clever people will be there and it will most likely be accused of a) preaching to the converted, b) not having any legal authority and c) because of that lack of authority, being a pointless talking exercise. A good excuse for the pointy-headed wing of activism to nod sagely and agree with each other. A chance to mutter “yes, how terrible” as they digest their morning’s Guardian and organic muesli.

But you’d be wrong. The Russell Tribunal on Palestine is a people’s tribunal. A public tribunal. A forum where people can arm themselves with the power of truth – those giving evidence are at the top of their game in their respective fields. The arguments you will hear are reasoned arguments fired by the naked shock of injustice borne upon Palestinians by Israel’s occupation.

The point that will stab sharply in our hearts is that as consumers, we are guilty in perpetuating Palestinian suffering. Israel and corporations won’t be on trial. We will.

But what do I know? I make pretty pictures and ask lots of questions for a living. I regularly subject myself to the world’s hottest shitspots – Palestine included. There are others more intellectual and more nuanced than I. I crash through sand dunes with voyeuristic intention. I don’t particularly relish discussing the merits or demerits of a two-state solution nor can I quote Edward Said at length. I merely see one people being fucked over by another people who use their historical fucked-overness as justification. Swift as a schooner, I gather these stories, find the nearest mountain top or soapbox and share them with the world. Unembelished. Unspun. I strive to tell the remarkable unremarkable truth.

I’m only a journalist. With a reckless responsible streak.


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