Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011...19:17

The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold update

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Just back from Geneva.

stockholm convention cop5

Endosulfan was listed under Annex A of the Stockholm Convention for Persistent Organic Pollutants. This means all use and production of this very deadly and debilitating poison is now internationally banned.
Because the production of endosulfan is big business for the Indian government, their delegation and lobbies were strongly opposed to any listing. Although they were polite to me at the start of the week, they were less so once the UN made its decision. So annoying was my camera that the Indian delegation sat up from their seats after the plenary, walked out of the hall and split into two groups. One went down the escalators, the other ran into the toilets. Thank you India for giving me the money shot.
Oh…and The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold is now partnered with the United Nation’s Safe Planet initiative.
Big smiles….

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