Monday, October 3rd, 2011...13:33

silence, exile and cunning

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Many apologies for the relative silence.

Have been feverishly finishing off some things that I’ll be posting on here when they’re up-and-at-em.

In short, I’m directing and presenting a spot of ten short films on arts activism for Channel 4’s “Random Acts” strand. Done in association with ZCZ Films, they’ll be the zomg-wtf moments of creative protest. There are amazing things happening all over the place as the world eats itself and I’ll be offering you a window to that.

Have also got a spot on Resonance FM called “The Left Bank Show” which will involve me hanging out with an artist/writer/creator while addressing their politics, their work and how both feed off each other. I’ll also have a suitably trashy yet respectful ending to each programme. It’s a weekly half-hour show. And I’ll be looking for content.

I’ve also been that little shadow in the background helping out friends and networking the heck out of my phone book. Some days I feel like I’m Carol Stone. Others, like Max Clifford. If both of them adopted a more political process and a penchant for disco. [It’s not low-rent networking…more squat-based]. From that, I hope, will come a documentary series, a first-time commission, a few gallery shows, half-a-dozen articles and an out-of-court settlement. [Not for me, guv. For me mates].

My documentary, Dirty White Gold, is ticking along nicely. Am on the lookout for a good Indian fixer. Website being [slowly] built and and and and….Dartmouth Films have decided to produce the bugger.

Our friends, the Space Hijackers, have also got a few things up their sleeve that hope to “expand the intercourse and broaden the dialogue between art practitioners and public/private space”. In short, these Situationist-flavoured troublemakers are recruiting.

Furthermore, we’ll be kicking things into fifth gear on The Comment Factory. After a long spell where we’ve struggled with the dragon that is spam-posting, we should have something to chitchat about this winter.

I’m still whoring myself out to newsrooms, NGOs, social movements and anyone else who wants intelligent and informed content produced with an artistic process. My goal is to be able to take my parents out on a good holiday.

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more updates. That is, if you don’t get too bored of my “hey mum look at me!’ candour.

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