Tuesday, November 15th, 2011...18:40

piggies v the one percent

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In hushed whispers on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral on a Sunday, I met a friend. It was Remembrance Sunday and we decided to hide behind a huge poppy-strewn banner wafting in the wind. My parents weren’t far away and I was gasping for a cigarette.

“If you’re around at quarter past five tomorrow, drop me a line. It’s the Lord Mayor’s Banquet and we have a little stunt planned. I might get arrested in a pig mask and white tie,” he muttered. “Let’s keep this on the lowdown. I need one, maybe two more cameras.”

It was about how the 99% weren’t allowed in to feed at the trough of the 1%. Considering David Cameron, his wife and men in ermine and wigs were going to feasting on expensive dead things, I had a little idea.

We met at a wine bar. I then went on ahead. Some men in pig masks walked down the road and I made this:

OccupyLSX attempt to disrupt the Lord Mayor’s Banquet as it feeds the 1%. In white tie. Dressed as pigs.

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