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documenting this project has been a little baby of mine. i was invited by the brandalism crew on a road tour – mostly nestled in the back of a blackened van with tall ladders, buckets of paste, artwork and a clutch of hi-vis vests. they’d try to put up over thirty billboards in five cities across the uk…in five days.

somehow convinced channel 4 that heading up to possibly break every health and safety regulation in the book along with risking arrest for 120 consecutive hours would make good television. having very close personal relationships with many of the participating artists and a pedigree of getting out of trouble playing the ditzy oriental chick may have helped – but not sure.

“it’s taking the piss with a point,” i argued, stealing a line from dr d. so up i went to film, photograph, present and partially edit a few video ditties.

turns out i fit in well with the brandalism crew’s DIY way of doing things.
i’ll even forgive the arse cracks, back pain and vegan food.

so…here’s their site: http://brandalism.org.uk/

and look out for my upcoming film for channel 4’s random acts.

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