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syria: two years of bloodshed [amnesty film]

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The latest in my series of films for Amnesty International on torture and violent oppression from all sides of the Syrian conflict…and the need for a human rights revolution.

This film coincides with the release of two new briefings from Amnesty International. The first focuses on summary killings and other abuses by armed opposition groups. The second focuses on indiscriminate attacks by government forces on civilian targets including the use of cluster bombs.

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Director: Leah Borromeo | @monstris

Producer: Kristyan Benedict (Amnesty UK) | @KreaseChan

Editor/Animator: James Paulley | @jamespaulley

Music: Ascher Nathan | @aschernathan

Artwork: Leah Borromeo | @monstris

Additional Artwork: Peter Kennard | @at_earth

Images: Amnesty International | James Lawler Duggan | Alessio Romenzi

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