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sans serif typeface wltm serif typeface for friendship, dialogue, maybe more

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Meet Hermit. Hermit is a lively, readable sans serif font who would like to meet a complimentary serif font for a long term relationship on all the material, onscreen gubbins and publicity for The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold.

Hermit would need someone who is solemn with gravitas but who also understands irony and can deliver quips at lighting speed. Simplicity and readability are “musts”. Might consider a fling with Bodoni or Bembo.

Helvetica serif and Lucida Grande need not apply.

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  • If you are using them reversed (pale on dark background like your Hermit here) then do avoid dramatic thick-thin contrasts – as the thin disappears. Bembo or Palatino or Baskerville thus much better than Bodoni or similar.

    Good luck with it. looking fwd to the film.

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