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Update on The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold

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Dear contributors, supporters, fans, lovely people:

One of the most common questions an independent filmmaker is asked is “when is it going to be ready?”
Like most artists, our secret, silent-voice answers aren’t usually very polite. They revolve around “when it’s ready.”

The biggest setback for any indy [like a real indy, not one backed up with channel money or corporate funding], is the £££. Funding is generated from an amalgamation of grants, crowdfunding, begging, exploitations of certain financial loopholes, bake sales and more begging.

To those who’ve contributed to an independent film – thank you. Yes, your tenner has made a difference because a few other people gave tenners and that meant we could buy hard drives to store all the material. A few more gave a bit more and we could pay our directors of photography and hire kit.

Payment…. It’s important. And oftentimes the people on a film who don’t get paid until the film is out are the ones making it [the producers, the directors].

Costs…. To make a feature film, it costs hundreds of thousands. At least. You’ll often hear of directors who’ve made films for minuscule amounts of money. They’re rare (and most often the people helping to make them haven’t been paid, so it’s not a sustainable model). Quality, efficiency and equipment costs money.

So…this is a long-winded way of saying thanks for your support, thanks for your future support and please bear with us while we try to raise the tens of thousands to properly pay for an editor to help finish the film and then go on another fundraising drive to raise the money to help distribute and market the film.

If you want to help out, click “donate” here or get in touch about our SEIS scheme:

© Peter Kennard

© Peter Kennard

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